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Testimonials for WideEyedVideo

Here’s some testimonials from some recent clients…

“Wow Michael that is a lot of work reflected there.  The quality and camera work is really good.  It is ‘way to long, is my feeling.  The GMO stuff gets intense and may do well selected out for another time and place.  I am seeing how complicated this is….I have a store full of cool stuff in Enderby and can barter for some of your work BUT I know there is always cash expenses so want to talk about how we can arrange to work more on this and other videos“

Love Sarah B.


Mike Turner has been working with me..

for over a year and half now. We’ve produced 1/2 a dozen high quality videos together and I’m very happy with the results, his work ethic, his brilliant attitude and the great ideas he brings to the projects.


Tyhson Banighen , Energy Detective


Regarding the video services of G. Michael Turner:

The Canadian Society of Questers held their annual conference at the end of September this year in Salmon Arm, BC.  A few days before the conference our videographer/stage manager became ill and let us know that she would not be able to attend.  One of our members had been working with Michael Turner and suggested we contact him to see if he was available to help us out.  We were very blessed that he was willing to step in on such short notice.  Beyond that he did a great job.  He interacted very effectively and professionally with our conference staff and presenters.  His positive attitude and lighthearted presence enhanced our conference.  We feel very fortunate that in addition to the filming, he is willing to take on the production work and duplicating of the DVDs.  Michael truly saved the day for us and we feel this is the beginning of a longterm relationship that will greatly benefit our organization.
If you have need of further information regarding Michael’s services feel free to call me 425.351.9994.
In Peace, Love and Gratitude, Carol Heywood
President and Conference Coordinator for the Canadian Society of Questers


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