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Mystic A-Fair

Darlene and I had a blast at the latest Mystic A-Fair in Vernon BC February 10th. I did this short tour video with my Canon Rebel on a 3 axis gimble Stabilizer I just purchased for Real Estate Video.  

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Brooke Foreman Accupuncturist and Chinese Medicine

A great business overview video for Brooke Foreman Acupuncture and Integrated Healing in Kauai Hawaii. If you or your organization are looking for a business overview video like this for your business Contact me or email wide.eyed.video@gmail.com

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Sarah Bradshaw Seed Saving Presentation

I filmed Sarah at a Questers meeting in Salmon Arm, BC. Great info shared on Seed Saving, Organic Farming, Sustainable Living. InJoy!!!  

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Product Launch Video for Kathi Bridge

I’ve done a few for Kathi. We met at the PLF live conference in Phoenix, Az last September and have been working together ever since. Kathi is a money coach and live event speaker. This is a sample from her most recent pre-launch for her beginner class…  

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