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Top 3 Tools for getting over the Holidays

#1 Remember your routine Every morning I would wake-up, get xavier and I cleaned up from sleeping (his diaper, my teeth brushed). Do my morning breathing, make a coffee and then go through my day, to do list, answer client e-mails and read my social media posts. These routines were abolished during the holidays and …

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Video 2: Clear Yourself

Video 2 in the series of pre-launch videos for Tyhson Banighen’s upcoming online course in Basic Dowsing.   InJoy!

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Video 1: Destress with Your Breath

This is part of Tyhson Banighen’s Pre-launch content for his Basic Dowsing Course. A great tool for starting your day… If you’re interested in learning to connect with your higher self send me an e-mail (mike@wideeyedvideo.com) and I’ll forward you on to tyhson

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