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About Wide Eyed Video

Creation and Marketing of your online videos


Have you heard the one about the customer who got away? It’s a sad tale and one easily avoided by you and your business by taking advantage of the latest and largest ongoing trend on the Internet…Video Marketing. By creating videos for products, services, freebies or how to’s; you create a relationship with perspective clients beyond anything ever imagined in a traditional advertisement. Interactions and calls to action convert huge percentages of these potential client views into ongoing consumers of your product or service.
We specialize in the creation and publishing of your videos. From a step-by-step process together with our client we formulate the best use of video, music and text to create the outcome our client wants. We then publish and connect this video across all social media sites, ie; Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc with titles, descriptions and keywords that their target audience will be searching for to generate the most bang for the buck.
Speaking of costs…not as high as you would think. A full professional video, optimized for multiple platforms with titles, descriptions, meta keywords and cross site publishing can cost as little as $490. Compare that to purchasing a banner on google for your keywords and you’ll see the value immediately, not only in upfront costs but also in the returns on investment as your webpage, facebook and youtube views soar, so will your conversion rates. You can take that to the bank and many in your line of work are already.



We take pride in providing quality services and always make every effort to ensure that each of our clients is completely satisfied with our work. If you don’t find the service you’re looking for, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.
• Videography • Social Media Creation and Maintenance• Search engine optimization• Publishing • Consulting• Marketing • Client tracking• Research
WIDE EYED VIDEO PRODUCTIONS offers you 2 options for purchasing our services. You decide which method will be the most economical for you. Standard hourly rate is $125. Project rates are the most economical choice for customers with larger occasional projects. Fee estimates on request
This is the level playing field. No costly production fees, a 20 year veteran in the SEO field with video marketing gurus behind us. You can’t go wrong… unless you don’t try 😉  We look forward to meeting your video marketing needs.

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