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Tyhson Banighen hosts the Wellness Show. Episode 7 Quantum Sound Therapy

Bill & Ann – Show Notes

Bill and Ann are dedicated to growing the community of people who focus on expanding love and consciousness. As part of that goal, they use tools such as structured water, personal sound frequencies and IQubes to assist with releasing blocks that stop you from moving forward in your life. Their journey is to assist you to be the “real you”.

Ann describes Quantum Sound Therapy as a fantastic tool to use when you want to get out of your head, and get clarity in your life. Sounds, frequencies, energy and water all use vibration to help people balance and let go of stress.

Bill and Ann are able to take a voice sample and analyze a person’s system using billions of bits of data, providing customized frequencies for them to play on the go.

“What we realized is those frequencies, because they’re based on your voice, give you clearer vision. They help you see your life, path, choices and what’s stopping you from your health and wealth.” (Ann)

“They’re like nothing on the planet, customized to the person” (Bill)

Ann says that each person has very unique patterns and blocks that are stopping them from moving forward. Generic frequencies are not necessarily targeting those specific blocks.

“The inner work is the most important; getting to the stuff that’s stopping us” (Ann)

Ann comes from a corporate background as a CPA. When she met Bill, she was really struggling with her health and happiness.

“I was the one that had the wealth, but not the health. I had to change something.”

She had to take time off of work due to exhaustion and pain all over, all at only 44 years of ago. She found the frequency tool at a Toronto yoga show, after trying many modalities such as chiropractors and massage to help health. She says she could immediately feel the difference, and was able to finally relax and let go.

“We’re not all looking for spiritual enlightenment, we just want to feel happier”

She says that over time, the technology can help people let go of their fear.

“Living without fear is liberating”


Bill’s background is in the information technology world, doing long range planning for companies. Even with multiple pay raises and promotions, he was feeling “burnt out.”

“I got to the point where I had enough. I was just sick of everything.”

He knew there had to be something more to life, and was looking for something with a science and logic backing. He took a course in the US, which was the first time he got introduced to Quantum Sound Therapy.

“The technology allowed me to let go of my stuff and no one was telling me how to do it”

He explains that when they take a sample, they get a picture of the “symphony” of vibrations in the body. The computer program used is predictable and repeatable, and it can pick up many things in the frequencies such as if a person is prone to procrastination. Once analyzed, they created a cd of custom frequencies to provide to their clients.

“When you decrease the stresses, then you can live in harmony”

Structured water is becoming more popular as people are becoming more aware that paying attention to the chemicals and composition of your water is important. Structured water occurs naturally in the body, but as people age, it dissipates.

IQubes and other portable devices that use frequencies to stabilize our energetic field help you become more aware of your internal and external consciousness.

“Everything is about frequency and energy, and it’s about love” (Bill)



1-888-274-1134 (toll-free)

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  1. Mike

    I’ve experience Quantum Sound Therapy and found it highly effective in it brought me back to centre and allowed me to create from that space…

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