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John Living shares the Sai Sanjeevini Cards

Welcome to Sai Sanjeevini healing!

A simple, self learning, zero cost, zero side effects, prayer-based spiritual healing system
for awakening the divine healing power and wisdom within every being

This is a video of John Living taking us through an example of how to use the Sai Sanjeevini cards to heal yourself and others. Healing is a choice, if you wish to heal this modality will help you to that end…


Download the cards here…

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  1. laura walker

    Interested to learn

    1. Mike

      Heya Laura,

      I’m gathering a group over the next few days to embark on this journey together.
      I’m thinking of a youtube channel where we can share our results…

      In the mean time you can start your overview and tutorials if you like at…

      I’ll be in touch soon. Please forward to your peeps if so moved 🙂

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