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Top 3 Tools for getting over the Holidays

Remember your routine
Every morning I would wake-up, get xavier and I cleaned up from sleeping (his diaper, my teeth brushed). Do my morning breathing, make a coffee and then go through my day, to do list, answer client e-mails and read my social media posts.

These routines were abolished during the holidays and can stay that way well into March if I let it. Get back into your routine and if you don’t have one or your old one is in-effective, now is the perfect time to create one. It creates your day and therefore your experience of this life.

Eating right
Don’t know about you but the holidays for me are one ginormous dessert fest. I go from house to house sampling delicious treat after delicious treat. Sometimes forgetting the main courses all together and filling up on the yummyness of baked goods beyond the constraints of my top button.

I know! It’s not pretty. I may be an extreme, that said I know we all tend to overdo our intake of foods or drinks that may not be the best fuel for our bodies, especially over the holidays.

Get back to your regular eating habits. Forgo the sweets for a while and add some lemon water to your daily practice for a few days(weeks) to help your body clear out the over burden in your system. As I mentioned in the 1st point, if you don’t have a good diet now is a great time to create a goal of being healthier and kinder to your body.

If you’d like a cleanse suggestion, I know a OnederFull wholistic practitioner who custom develops whole body cleanses for each person.


Uggggggg, getting back to a physical Excercise routine can be the hardest of all. It requires you actually doing something instead of just not doing anything <img alt=”:)” src=”http://www.naturalhealthcommunity.org/wp-includes/images/smilies/icon_smile.gif” /> . Your body needs you and this time of year above all others it needs as much as you can give.

Get back to the form of exercise that works best for you, walking, jogging, riding a stationary bike or going to the gym or yoga studio. Just make it something you do 3-5 days a week and make sure it’s fun!

I practice TaiChi and Qigong. Which are very low impact exercise regimes. They suit my body very well and require only my intentional focus and some breathing to make them effective muscle-toning, fat burning and life building activities

The long and the short of it is this is the time, the time to make goals and re-instate the activities that help us achieve those goals. You will feel way better for doing them and come April/May will be glad you did.

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